Friday, 3 October 2008

Must Haves

Following is the list of must-haves; most of the Architects are aware of it. However, if you are an aspiring architect you should start from here.

Do remember that there are two ways of achieving a result: The easier way that always looks easy; and the not-so-easier-looking way which is actually fun and easy to walk on. If you are passionate about doing things in style, and quickly, and you want to be in complete control, always follow the industry best practices. Always look out for something new, keeping in mind the OO school of thought, you'll never go wrong. Frameworks will come, and go, but you need to know what triggered the need for that framework. How did they made it possible? What goes inside making such great stuff?

I am contributing in a small way a list that I have compiled today.

1. Frameworks
- Smart Client Software Factory for WinForms UI
- Web Client Software Factory for Web UI
- Spring.Net for AOP, DI and IoC, Logging, Data handling
- Unity Framework for DI and IoC
- Various Microsoft Software Factories; Enterprise Application Blocks
- Log4Net for logging

2. Tools
- Resharper for UnitTests and Code Analysis
- NCover
- NMock
- NHibernate for O/R Mapping
- Simian for Code duplication and Refactoring
- StyleCop for Code Styling
- CLR Profiler/ANTS profiler for application profiling

3. Architecture
- Pragmatic Architecture

4. Software Engineering
- Extreme Programming
- Agile Methodology

5. Books
- Head First Design Patterns
- Head First OOAD
- Code Complete 2
- Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
- Test Driven Development
- Domain Driven Develeopment

6. Practices

7. Blogs
Top 100 Blogs ever!!!
Top 100 Software Engineering books ever!!!

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