Sunday, 30 August 2009

Analysis and Design - Heads up

  • Analysis emphasizes on investigation of the problem and requirements. It's a broad term, so we will elaborate on the key ones:
    • Requirements analysis
      • Investigates requirements
    • Object oriented analysis
      • Investigates domain objects
  • During the analysis of the problem and its requirements when a project is started the points to discuss are:
    • How is it going to be used?
    • What problems it solves?
    • What are its functions?
  • During an object oriented analysis the focus is on finding and describing the objects or concepts in the problem domain. e.g. Department, Designation and Role in a Payroll system.
  • Design emphasizes on a conceptual solution that is supposed to fulfill the requirements and doesn't care about implementation yet.
    • A description of a database schema and domain objects
  • During object oriented design the focus is on defining the objects or concepts and figuring out how they collaborate with each other to fulfill a requirement. e.g. a Department may have many designations, and a designation may have different roles.
  • Object oriented programming follows analysis and design.

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